Big News!

The Next Chapter for TRAME x CPG

CPG and TRAME are officially coming together with a fresh funding round, new leadership, advisors, and slate of global events for 2024.

CPG is joining the TRAME family, and together we are embarking on a journey to trailblaze the intersection of generative art and craft. In this new chapter, TRAME is also being supported by new investors 1kx, Seed Club Ventures, Flamingo DAO, and NxGen.

Soon, we will host community events and exhibitions featuring top designers and generative artists in global locales including Miami, Paris, Marrakech, and New York.

Post-acquisition by TRAME, Chris Cantino and Jaime Schmidt will be joining as advisors to TRAME x CPG alongside others including Ian Rogers, Tony Chambers, and Yoko Choy.

Bringing an ambitious new vision to the plate, the one and only Ismail Tazi S will be taking the helm as CEO, and he will be joined by Jaime Derringer who is joining as Head of Brand and Editor-in-Chief!

CPG’s history with TRAME goes back to 2022 when Ismail and Adnane Tazi (founders of TRAME) began collaborating with us on Craft Nouveau—a first-of-a-kind project with artist Alexis André fusing generative art and craft, hosting events in Paris, Milan, and Lisbon. 

As we collaborated, it was clear the value chain unlock was very complimentary, with each of us bringing numerous connections and skills to the table that made us stronger together.

Now with the team in place, we’re excited to double-down on our contributions to this chapter of art history by bridging digital art to our physical world. We believe that innovators at the intersection of generative art and craftsmanship will be celebrated by generations to come.

Will anything change for existing CPG members?

While CPG programming will continue as usual, we do plan to experiment with new things! This is a great time to break out of the box and explore new member benefits, drops, and event formats.

Join us today at 11am PT where we’ll be chatting on CPG X about all the exciting new happenings.

Thank you to everyone for your support as always and we look forward to taking a big shot together!