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  • Craft Nouveau RIFLESSI at Miami Art Week

Craft Nouveau RIFLESSI at Miami Art Week

Collections by Jeff Davis and Martin Grasser Inspire and Delight

Jeff Davis and Martin Grasser presented unforgettable collections for Craft Nouveau at our Miami Art Week exhibition titled RIFLESSI, in partnership with ARTXCODE. The complementary collections, born from unique artistic visions, opened up a conversation about light, color, and beauty and highlighted the nuance of the Italian word “riflessi,” which means “reflections.”

A stained glass artwork by Davis casts a reflection (left) beneath a mirror by Grasser

The success of the event, held at the beautiful Vizcaya Museum & Gardens last week, was underscored by the substantial attendance that included collectors, media, artists, investors, and designers.

Guests greet each other at the exhibit entrance

Accomplished algorithmic artist Jeff Davis presented "Optimism," a stained glass collection drawing inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright's design principles and the artist’s own love for color. Davis collaborated with Ateliers Loire, the renowned studio involved in the restoration of the Notre Dame Cathedral windows. The custom stands were produced by Neal Feay, a global leader in creative aluminum metalwork, based in California.

Two stained glass works from Jeff Davis, displayed on the Vizcaya balcony

The collaborative opportunities enabled Davis to merge his passion for algorithmic art with his appreciation for beautiful physical formats that invite viewer interaction in a physical space.

A viewer, cast in multicolored light passing through a work by Davis

"Portraits" by established generative artist and designer Martin Grasser delved into the interpretive world of language and typography through an algorithm based on his Abstract Type Generator.

This limited edition series of mirrors represents Grasser's inaugural foray into the realm of fine art. In collaboration with bespoke design company Arte Veneziana, Grasser employed stunning Venetian mirrored glass as a medium to morph words and phrases into captivating abstract designs. 

Martin’s Grasser’s works capturing refections of viewers and surroundings

Both collections, Optimism and Portraits, represent a harmonious fusion of tradition, technology, and creative innovation—the essence of Craft Nouveau.

RIFLESSI, the exhibition, demonstrated how generative art can enable delivery of contemporary artistic visions that elevate traditional materials and embrace historical knowledge.

To inquire about available pieces from either of these collections, please email us at [email protected].

Craft Nouveau’s 'RIFLESSI' is a testament to the power of collaboration and the limitless possibilities when art, design, technology, and craft converge. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to showcase the exceptional talents of Jeff Davis and Martin Grasser in this transformative event.

- Ismail Tazi founder of TRAME