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  • Craft Nouveau Welcomes Jeff Davis and Martin Grasser

Craft Nouveau Welcomes Jeff Davis and Martin Grasser

Meet the Artists and Explore Two Groundbreaking New Collections

TRAME and CPG are proud to introduce Optimism by Jeff Davis and Portraits by Martin Grasser, the next two collections in the Craft Nouveau series. Like the collection that launched Craft Nouveau, Navette by Alexis André, these new artistic expressions showcase the extraordinary possibilities that exist at the intersection of generative art and traditional craft.

Davis and Grasser are both generative artists with formal training in art and design who have arrived at their unique but complementary collection concepts through very different paths.

Optimism by Davis, in the timeless medium of stained glass, highlights the artist’s love of color and appreciation for formal foundations of art such as geometric structure and proportion. Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, who described colors as “optimistic tones,” Davis seeks to inspire joy through the colorful panes of glass that playfully interact with light to cast and reinterpret the beauty of the original.

An accomplished artist as well as art professor and currently the Strategic Director at Art Blocks, Jeff Davis has over a decade of experience in algorithmic, or generative art. Working in collaboration with world-renowned stained glass French manufacturer Atelier Loire, he developed generative scripts specifically for the medium to arrive at the inspiring juxtapositions of color and shape. The pieces will sit in elegant frames created by Santa Barbara-based Neal Feay.

Portraits, by Martin Grasser, produced in collaboration with bespoke Italian manufacturer Arte Veneziana, also juxtaposes colored shapes, but uses mirrors as a poetic medium of expression that invites reflection, both literally and figuratively.

Grasser's journey into the fine-art world is fueled by a lifelong connection with typography and deep appreciation for letterforms, words, and sentences, which he also views as a medium for art. In Portraits, Grasser uses generative algorithms to deconstruct and assign colors to letters, creating a dialogue between form and color and adding a fascinating layer of meaning to the visual story.  

Optimism and Portraits are stunning additions to the Craft Nouveau series and equally exciting expressions of the power of collaboration between digital artist and traditional artisan. Both collections are created in collaboration with ArtxCode and Art Blocks Engine.

TRAME will debut a selection of the artists’ works at Miami Art Week in an exhibition titled “RIFLESSI” at the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens on December 4.

Join us tomorrow at 9am PT / 12pm ET for an X Spaces with TRAME, CPG, Jeff, Martin, and TRAME co-founder Ismail Tazi. 

In the coming weeks, we’ll share a more detailed look at the collaborative processes that took place between the artists and ateliers in both France and Italy. We will also take a closer look at the backgrounds of Jeff Davis and Martin Grasser. Stay tuned for more!