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Introducing Generative Interiors

Last week in Paris, TRAME introduced GENERATIVE INTERIORS, an exciting new concept that employs algorithms to create interactive, personalized interior spaces.

Situated in an elegant Place des Vosges flat facing one of the most iconic squares in Paris, we presented a curated selection of works from our Craft Nouveau Collections featuring the works of Martin Grasser, Jeff Davis, Alexis André, and a brand new generative bistro chair collection with Aranda\Lasch and Maison Louis Drucker.  

The concept of Generative Interiors aims to reshape the narrative of interior design and home decor, breaking away from static design conventions by offering a dynamic fusion of art, technology, & craftsmanship.

By moving away from the conventional notion of static interiors and embracing a living, breathing design philosophy, individuals can create interactive and personalized experiences within a space.

The use of generative algorithms for design allows for endless possibilities, ensuring that no two moments in the same environment are identical.

"Our Gallery Space at Place des Vosges represented more than just physical spaces; they were embodiments of our vision for the future of interior design. By harnessing the power of generative art, we offered individuals the opportunity to engage with spaces that reflected their unique identities and aspirations."

Ismail Tazi, TRAME Founder

Central to Generative Interiors is our Craft Nouveau limited-edition artist series that merges algorithmic code with traditional craft, creating digital-to-physical artworks at the forefront of contemporary culture and technology.

Our vision marries the art of craftsmanship with the innovation of technology, shaping the future of contemporary design.

We displayed the Generative Interiors concept during NFT Paris at the TRAME x Art Blocks Engine booth where we also illuminated the stories behind our existing Craft Nouveau collections, including “Enlace,” our latest collection of generative Parisian cafe chairs. This new collection blends digital design with traditional craftsmanship, breathing new life into an iconic symbol of Parisian culture.

In the very near future, a new generation will embrace generative art to craft their distinctive interiors. Each space showcased the beauty and versatility of generative art and the power of using algorithms to redefine interior design.

We’re grateful for the support of our partners Art Blocks Engine and Bright Moments. Special thanks to our event partners, Ledger x 1kx, and CPG, and collaborators, as well as everyone who attended: artists, designers, collectors, and community members. Our favorite part was meeting all of you.

For inquiries, please contact [email protected].