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  • Navette at Salone del Mobile

Navette at Salone del Mobile

A look at the exhibition

Salone del Mobile in Milan is the place every year to discover new ideas in design. We were proud to present a cutting-edge exhibition at the intersection of generative art and craft, featuring the gorgeous Navette tapestries produced from the generative artwork of artist Alexis André.

Physical Navette tapestries on display in the Salone exhibition space

Navette is the first collection in our Craft Nouveau series, which launched in February. Craft Nouveau brings luxury homeware design to life like never before.

Community members were clearly inspired. Seeing the grandiose physical tapestries alongside their digital predecessors sparked “ah-ha” moments:

It was stunning to [see] Navette IRL. 🤯 

I touched the tapestry, and I felt the quality of the product. Navette is the first experiment of its kind. It is a mix of innovation, technology, art, and tradition.

The future is full of promise in this blossoming marriage of generative art and craft. TRAME x CPG is excited to unveil the idea for the next collection in the Craft Nouveau series in the coming weeks.

★ We want to give a shout out of thanks to our partners for the Navette exhibition: Ian Rogers of Ledger, and Hedvig Maigre who handled set design.