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Navette: Special Announcement

Important mint updates and more

Congratulations to collectors of Navette. The mint marks an important milestone that demonstrates the potential of generative art to imbue our daily lives with meaning through a newly conceptualized and wholly modern form of output. A unique physical good based on creative coding—with deep ties to art, history, and craftsmanship.

Purposefully created by artist Alexis André in a way that harnesses physical aesthetics as a guiding principle for the algorithm, this double layer of artistry provides not only a uniquely beautiful digital collectible, but one with the capability to adopt a stunning physical form.

While there are currently only eight owners of the physical tapestry claim passes, each generative piece in the collection holds the potential for the physical output, making it a digital collectible primed for material evolution:

Additional Tapestry Claims: We are thrilled to announce that all holders of Navette are eligible to purchase a tapestry.

To inquire about purchasing your generative piece as a physical tapestry, produced by prestigious French atelier Néolice, please use this form.

Important Mint Updates

As the first collection in the Craft Nouveau series, Navette holds a special place. We believe strongly in the vision of the product, crafted intentionally with a love for both cutting edge and traditional artistry.

Therefore, we have decided to punctuate the supply by closing the mint window in 48 hours, which means that after 12pm PT/8pm UTC on March 10, minting will no longer be possible.

Once the mint window closes, any remaining mints will be airdropped to craftnouveau.eth, and will be collectively owned by CPG x TRAME x Alexis André.

They will be used to onboard strategic partners and to conduct private sales, expanding awareness of the product in creative ways and bringing delight into consumer experiences through unique ownership possibilities brought to life by the blockchain.

In the Media

Navette was featured in two major design publications last week including an article in Elle Decor, and another in Design Milk. The collection also received a shout out in Business of Home magazine.


➤ Physical claim passes may be traded on secondary up until the claim period opens on April 2. We haven’t yet seen one listed, but this doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

➤ CPG Navette holders will soon receive additional information about the surprise gift of TRAME ceramics. Please make sure to DM us your physical address for shipping.

➤ CPG Rewards points have been added to holder wallets—150 per Navette held, plus 300 accumulating per month.