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  • TRAME is Bringing Generative Interiors to ICFF

TRAME is Bringing Generative Interiors to ICFF

May 19 - 21 in NYC

ICFF, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, is the largest contemporary design trade fair in North America, a destination where design industry heavyweights come together to discover the latest innovations in home and interior design. TRAME will have not one, but TWO booths this year at ICFF!

Booth #1667

TRAME Paris booth 1667 will display Generative Interiors, a concept that recently debuted at NFT Paris in partnership with Art Blocks Engine. Generative Interiors employs algorithms to create interactive, personalized interior spaces and includes artwork from notable generative artists: Jeff Davis, Martin Grasser, Alexis André and Aranda\Lasch

Our Generative Interiors exhibit is an exciting chance for TRAME to reshape the narrative of traditional decor—breaking away from static design conventions by offering a dynamic fusion of art, technology, & craftsmanship—at one of the world’s most notable design venues.

Booth #1668

Our adjacent booth, 1668, will focus attention on Craft Nouveau artist Martin Grasser and the creative process behind the design of his Portraits collection of colorful Venetian glass mirrors. Guests will have a chance to explore Grasser’s Abstract Type algorithm, the creative code that uses language as the input to generate a variety of juxtaposed shapes and colors—designs which are the basis for the Italian-crafted mirrors.

★ ICFF attendees will also have a rare and exciting chance to collaborate on a personalized Portrait of their own: By choosing a unique phrase as an input, they can employ Grasser’s creative code to output a personal mirror design, which they may custom order directly at the booth.

This special opportunity highlights the power of algorithms to foster individual expression through one-of-a-kind, statement artworks that infuse the home with a new level of personal significance.

Mark your calendar for May 19-21 in New York City!